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REPORT: No tailgating allowed for Texas A&M’s season opener

It’s not surprising, but it is sad.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It appears gamedays in Aggieland are going to happen this fall, but they’re going to be far from normal. Crowd capacity will be at 25%. The band won’t be allowed on the field. And it now appears there will also be no tailgating allowed on the Texas A&M campus when they finally kick off the 2020 season against Vanderbilt on Sept. 26.

Inevitably some fans will be upset about this decision. But it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. While SEC guidelines allow schools to make their own decisions regarding tailgating, 11 of the 14 member universities have already banned it. And the two that are allowing it (South Carolina and Tennessee) are still putting restrictions in place regarding the use of tents, who can attend, etc.

It appears A&M has only made the decision for the first game against Vanderbilt on Sept. 26, and the second home game is not until Oct. 10. So they may be taking a wait and see approach to tailgating options for future games. But don’t be surprised if it is ultimately banned for the entire season. Does that suck? Absolutely it does. But in a year when so much as sucked, it looks like we are going to get college football. College football in an altered, almost unrecognizable form from an in-person experience perspective, but we should all probably just be grateful for what we’re getting. This year is gonna be weird, and we just have to hope that this time next year we’ll get to go back to normal.

But just enjoy football, even if it’s from your couch instead of a tailgate or a stadium. It’s more than we thought we might get a couple months ago.