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College Football TV Schedule September 12

How to watch whatever is on TV today

ESPN’s “College GameDay” Films At Boston College Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

GOOD MORNING (11 a.m. games)

Arkansas State-Kansas State (FOX). Our own Mike Sherman joined what is certainly an exclusive club in losing to both of these teams in the same season. There is no redemption to be gleaned here, only plodding, fundamental football in the harsh Kansas sunlight. Ease into today’s action or take a nap, it’s your choice.

Charlotte-Appalachian State (ESPN2). You could probably have a whole season with just the North Carolina schools in a bubble if you think about it.

Eastern Kentucky-West Virginia (FS1). Best to get all the hillfolk riled up early in the day.

ULL-Iowa State (ESPN). Here’s the good stuff, we’ll see if the Big 12 can be the first conference to lose three game to G5 teams.


Duke-ND (1:30). If Duke wins this game, Lou Holtz will ride to David Cutcliffe’s house on a Harley and congratulate him face-to-face sans mask with several ounces of spittle.

GT-Florida State (ABC 2:30). Is anyone ready to begin talking about the Noles?

UTSA-Texas State (ESPN2 2:30). This game should just be held at the New Braunfels Buccee’s. There’s more people there on a Saturday anyway.


Clemson-Wake Forest (ABC 6:30). Dabo has no time for demons, he’ll tell you as much.

UTEP-Texas (LHN 7:00). The Longhorn Network’s finally getting some marquee games in its second decade of existence.


Coastal Carolina-Kansas (FS1 9:00). Les Miles sharing a field with a giant humanoid rooster? I call this one Quarantine Pac12AfterDark.

Enjoy! Full schedule can always be found here.