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Schedules released for Texas A&M soccer, volleyball and golf

Non-revenue sports are people too.

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Despite the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, college football is on the verge of resuming. But football isn’t the only fall sport, and several other A&M teams learned this week what their revised schedules will look like. See below for the recently released schedules for Aggie soccer, volley and men’s golf.

With so much focus on football, it’s easy to forget that the current situation is making the season different for student athletes across all sports. And athletes in non-revenue sports stand to be affected even more than football players. Come hell or high water, they’ll try to make football happen, because it’s the straw that stirs the drink for mamy other sports financially. But if the COVID situation worsens in Brazos County, it wouldn’t be surprising if the plug is pulled on other sports more quickly.

Let’s hope that these athletes get to play the sports that they love, and most importantly, can do so safely.