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Aggie Football: Fall Practice Report Roundup

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NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Texas A&M Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s August Something-th, meaning that every single team in the country is firing on all cylinders and has corrected every single misstep from last season. Texas A&M is no different, naturally. Let’s delve into the particulars:

Aggies have more ‘energy’ and ‘urgency’ to start fall camp compared to last year

You may notice that the words “energy” and “urgency” are placed in quotations here. This is not because the author or editor of the piece is unsure of the actual meanings of the words as used in the context. No, this is at the direct discretion of Jimbo Fisher.

You see, Jimbo Fisher believes the concepts of time, energy, urgency, what have you..those are all just barriers in one’s mind. Once you have bought fully into his system, it’s all just outside noise. As long as you are just going and doing and hitting and takin care of the ball son...the rest of that nonsense will all just take care of itself. Third and two against LSU in the trenches don’t care about the nuances of human-kept time.

QB Haynes King is already a freshman of influence among A&M vets

“Freshman of Influence,” well lah-tee-dah.

This is certainly encouraging! I remember a couple of Aggie freshmen QBs making the news for their “influence” issues too, and they had some pretty great seasons (or half seasons).

Texas A&M’s experienced offensive line aiming for bounce-back season despite tough schedule

Alternate headline: “Unit That Rolled Up 70 Total Rushing Yards Against Last Two Conference Foes Will Certainly Fare Better In Ten Straight SEC Matchups This Time Around And If You Doubt This You Are A Bad Aggie”

ESPN’s Rece Davis has Texas A&M at No. 4 on preseason AP ballot