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Predictive analysis of Kyle Field capacity

#WednesdayTrendsday on a Friday

NCAA Football: Alabama at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

Pandemic be damned, Texas A&M and the SEC are pushing onward to ensure college football still happens this fall. But for each day that the season draws closer (36 days, by my count), the number of fans able to attend seems to grow ever smaller. A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork first announced a reduction to 50% capacity in late July. That number has since been reduced to 30% on Aug. 18, and then to 25% just one day later. The question is, when will it stop?

We used to power of math to find out the answer. (disclaimer: no math was actually used)

Let’s break down the milestones

  • March-June: Absent of any other information, it is assumed Kyle Field will be at 100% capacity this fall.
  • July 22: Ross Bjork announces Texas A&M will plan on 50% capacity at Kyle Field.
  • Aug. 18: Texas A&M releases plan complying with SEC guidelines that reduces capacity to 30%.
  • Aug. 19: Capacity is reducted to 25%
  • Sept. 26: Capacity reduced to 12%, in alignment with brand identity.
  • Nov. 28: In dramatic reversal of fortunes, 2%ers are the ONLY ones allowed to attend Texas A&M’s game against LSU.
  • Dec. 3: Capacity goes negative, Jimbo Fisher asks trainers and equipment staff to leave practice in order to comply.
  • 2021: 12th Man Foundation actually GIVES money to season ticket holders to pay them to stay away. Call made to Baylor to solicit tarp expertise.