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SEC announces fan health and safety guidelines

Face coverings required, no paper tickets

Checks on the obligation to wear masks on the track Photo by Hendrik Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images

The SEC released safety protocols for players and staff earlier this month, and today they have now provided guidelines for the health and safety of fans attending sporting events this fall. While it does not provide limits on capacity (which will vary based on state mandates), it does provide guidance on several other infection prevention practices.

The high points:

  • Face coverings are required for ingress/egress and any time guests are unable to maintain the recommended physical distance from others who are not in their same household.
  • No paper tickets (digital scans only)
  • Concessions stands will have plexiglass barriers and prioritize grab and go items
  • Reduce touchpoints in restrooms (autoflush mechanisms, hand sanitizer stations, leaving doors open)
  • Schools will make decisions on tailgating based on state and CDC guidance

You can read the full list here.