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Let’s review Texas A&M’s new football uniforms

Have you ever been sexually attracted to a football uniform? Oh, uh, neither.

It was supposed to happen during spring ball, but just like everything in 2020, Texas A&M’s new Adidas uniform unveil did not happen according to plan. But happen it did, and today we finally got a look at what the Aggies will be wearing when if they take the field this fall.

So what’s different?

For the uninitiated, here’s a basic rundown of what has changed.

  • HELMET: The satin helmet with a gray facemask has been switched out for a glossy helmet with a white facemask, reminiscent of what A&M wore for essentially the 30 years prior to joining the SEC
  • JERSEY: Gone are the shoulder stripes (RIP) and the beveled numbers. The TEXAS A&M on the chest has been enlarged and TV numbers have been added to the shoulders.
  • PANTS: The only change to the pants is the removal of the stripe. The lone star logo remains on the hip, and the team will continue to wear white pants at home and maroon pants on the road.
  • SOCKS/CLEATS/GLOVES: The white gloves/cleats have been changed out for black. Very reminiscent of the Dat Nguyen era in the late ‘90s.

A closer look

So what do I think?

These are virtually identical to what I said we’d get four months ago, so suffice to say, I like them. College football aesthetics (and sports uniforms in general) have been trending back toward a minimalist approach for a couple of years now, so I think this was the right move to make. The glossy helmet SCREAMS “A&M” and overall this will be a much less cluttered look than we’ve had in recent seasons. That said, I’m going to miss the shoulder stripes. It was an identifiable feature with some history behind it and I kinda wish we’d kept it. Without it, we are just the maroon version of the template that Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and many other schools in our region have worn for decades.

But the only detail that truly bothers me is the “barbwire accents” in the numbers. They’re small and mostly unnoticeable, but numbers with pointless notches cut out of them simply for the sake of being “custom” is a huge uniform pet peeve of mine. But that said, it’s a tiny detail you’re really never going notice during games, so it’s far from a deal-breaker.

These uniforms may be a bit on the safe side, but I’ll take safe and classic over disastrous any day. They may not be groundbreaking, but these uniforms drip with nostalgia and the team will look good wearing them on Saturdays. That’s about all you can ask for.

Now let’s just hope they actually get to wear them this year.


What do you think of A&M’s new uniforms?

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