Confidence Level For College Football?

I gotta be honest, I am nervous as hell of there being a college football season this fall. I know the SEC and other Power 5 leagues will do whatever it can to make the season happen, or as close as possible. Yet, I realize that like Texas A&M and other power teams we have the money to push off football to the spring for a bit and still have money.

What has me concerned is that the South Carolina governor is saying that they may not play football in the fall if things do not get better. They current have restrictions on sporting events and that could continue.

"I will not remove those restrictions. I cannot lift those restrictions, if these numbers continue to rise and the danger persists. I can’t do it. I won’t do it," McMaster said. "This fall will not be like other falls. We will not be able to have college football. We will not be able to have high school football."

Then there is the news this morning that Lafayette is canceling its game vs. Navy and the Patriot League is basically banning and trips that involve flying.

OK, that is the FCS but the Pac-12 (insert joke here) but Larry Scott is seriously considering contingency plans.

–Playing all 12 games as scheduled

– A delayed start

– Conference-only schedules

– Moving the season to the spring

Does anyone have the weird gut feeling that this upcoming season will be wild and different? I am just hoping it is not canceled or even pushing it off to the spring seems like a million years away, even if it is safer.

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