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Aggies get commitment from 4-star DT with the best recruit name of all time

This is now a Victory Vaka blog

The Texas A&M Aggies added another big piece (figuratively and literally) to their 2021 recruiting puzzle on Monday, securing a commitment from 6’3”, 335-pound, four-star defensive tackle Victory Vaka from Westlake Village, CA.

Vaka is the #11 DT in the nation, the #22 recruit in California and the #211 recruit nationally, and holds scholarship offers from 17 Power 5 schools, including LSU, Florida, Florida State, Michigan Mississippi State and Tennessee. Yeah yeah that’s all great, but can we talk more about that name? It’s like a bad ass aliterative version of Win-y McGee. With this name he really only had two possible paths in life: football player, or seller of high end sports cars. We’re glad he chose the former.

A&M had only three commits in the 2021 recruiting class just one week ago, but with the commitment of Vaka, now stands at six. Interestingly enough, four of those six commits, including all three that have happened in the past week, come from outside the state of Texas. This trend has played out in particularly on the defensive line, with six of the Aggie’s last seven DE commits coming from beyond the borders of the Lone Start State. Granted, A&M’s one Texas DT turned out to be an absolute star in 2018’s Bobby Brown.

Vaka’s addition boosts the Aggies’ recruiting ranking 10 spots, from 37 to 27, but that low ranking is still primarily due to their relatively small class at this time. Based on the average rating per recruit, A&M’s class would be ranked 10th.

Victory Vaka highlights