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Prayers for The Chicken

Storm causes roof collapse at The Dixie Chicken

The Dixie Chicken lights up after dark in College Station, T Photo by Allen Holder/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

A heavy rainstorm hit College Station on Wednesday night, and with it, one of Aggieland’s iconic venues sustained some major damage. The Dixie Chicken, who famously claims to sell more beer per square foot than any bar in America, had it’s roof collapse. While some patrons were inside the bar at the time, nobody was injured, including The Chicken’s famous rattlesnake, who was not harmed and has been successfully relocated.

2020 has been a rough year for small businesses, and the Dixie Chicken, the institution such that it is, is no different. Obviously insurance will likely pay for the repairs, but staying closed while those repairs take place probably couldn’t come at a worse time. If you can’t patronize The Chicken in person, consider buying some merch. It’s a great way to support a business that has been as much a part of college life for most A&M students as the university itself for generations.

Thinking of all of our friends at The Chicken. Here’s hoping we can all drink a pitcher and play some 42 inside you again very soon.