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Aggie Muster 2020: A little different but still the same

A special day all over the world

Today is Aggie Muster. One of the days that makes this wonderful institution special and unique. The simple notion that even in death, your legacy as an Aggie will never be forgotten.

It looks a little bit different this year for obvious reasons, but the sentiment remains the same. Today is a day to celebrate our love for Texas A&M University. To remember good times with those who we shared them with and to toast those who cant be here to share them with us. It’s a day of remembrance, celebration, sadness, and appreciation for our shared experience.

Again, it looks a little different this year, but A&M traditions are not about space and time...they’re about something bigger than that.

The Association of Former Students has a number of online events occurring today. Below is a quick review of the schedule:

Do your best to check those out. And if that doesn’t work, give your Aggie buddy a call and share some good bull. And if that doesn’t work, crack yourself a beer or a Topo Chico (respectfully) or other beverage of your choice and think about why you love A&M.

We might not be able to be together right now, but this too shall pass. We’ll spend time in each other’s company soon enough.

For me personally, this Muster day is special. I’ve mentioned this on twitter but my dad passed away three weeks ago. We didnt see eye to eye on a lot, but we had A&M in common. And I cherish the hell out of that. Today is a day to celebrate his legacy and our shared love of Aggieland.

Gig ‘Em and God Bless the Fightin’ Texas Aggies.