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Georgia 63, Texas A&M 48

Georgia had the best player on the floor, and sometimes this game is really just that simple

NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I haven’t seen one player dominate a game like this all season.

Presumptive lottery pick Anthony Edwards was unstoppable this afternoon, dropping 29 points and 15 rebounds in his single best outing of the season.

Pretty soon, we’ll have the horses to run with someone like that... but we don’t have ‘em yet.

Box Score

First Half

As is often the case, you didn’t miss much if you didn’t jump in until halftime. Both teams played with very little urgency, and even the rare offensive energetic set tended to yield a missed shot by either squad. In fact, our first half shooting splits (25/15/50) were bad by even our first half standards.

We played well defensively in this half, so it felt like a win to escape down three.

Halftime Score: Georgia 24, Texas A&M 21

Second Half

The second half was the Anthony Edwards show.

He had 20 points and 7 rebounds after halftime, and he seemed to be involved in every single play that mattered on both ends of the floor.

Our offensive play improved in the second half, but by that point the opportunity to take advantage of Georgia's sputtering offense was long gone. Many of our buckets only served to delay the inevitable, and in truth the Bulldogs never broke a sweat down the stretch.

Final Score: Georgia 63, Texas A&M 48

Overall Thoughts

Sometimes things fall apart because of a schematic error, a lack of effort, or a mental mistake. And sometimes... sometimes you just gotta tip your hat to a superior performance.

We’re back at home on Tuesday night.

BTHO Mizzou