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That’s how it’s done, folks.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Man none of this is gonna make any damn sense because I’m so happy. Look at that picture. How dope of a shot is that. Just a fantastic picture.

ESPN can talk all day about whether our wins are pretty enough or whether we’re doing enough to get to the playoffs and quite frankly I dont give a single shit. After everything this team has been through, opt outs, injuries, starting to roll, then having to take three damn weeks come back to an ehh win over go on the damn road and beat Auburn by double digits—a team that we havent beaten since 2016...a team that (to me) represents one of those final hurdles for us to get to where we want to be....I just couldnt be happier. I would absolutely put this up as a top 3-4 in in Jimbo’s career. Huge damn game and huge damn win.


The story of this game was the running backs and the dadgum offensive line but before we get there we need to give some shine to the passing game. Kellen Mond finishes 18/23 (78%) for 196 with 2 TDs. He wasnt perfect, but no one is. He was great today. Did what he needed to do. I too was yelling at the damn TV for him to run when the lanes opened up...and guess what HE DID! HE CAME UP IN THE CLUTCH! If you’re not happy with Kellen’s performance take a look in the damn mirror because you might be a miserable person.

The team centers around the run game, the QB, and the TE. Wydermyer had 8 cathes for 89 yards. He’s the heart of this damn offense.

I cant even pick out one single player because they all had monster catches. Chase Lane coming up big on that third down. Hez with some big catches. Ainias just whipping ass all over the field.

Let’s talk about the run game: 47 carries for 313 yards. As a comparison last year we had 21 carries for 56 yards. Spiller had 20 carries for 120, Achane had 9 carries for 99, Mond had 7 for 36, and Smith had 7 fpr 36. That’s a damn solid day yall. Credit to the maroon goons for whipping ass out there. Tremendous damn day for the offense.


This game had me sweating a little bit. Auburn had 172 yards in the first half. They started off the second half with what seemed like a tremendously easy drive down the field for a TD. It seemed like yet another year where our defense would struggle with eye discipline and end up giving away the game.

But lol we’re all idiot and should just trust in our elite damn DC. Auburn had 63 passing yards in the second half and 105 rushing yards in the second half, 70 or so of which came on that first drive. We gave up only 21 yards in the fourth quarter. TWENTY ONE YARDS IN THE FOURTH QUARTER.

The defense was a helluva lot calmer than I was, made adjustments and finished with the win. What a damn game for them. Good for them. Great damn job.


7-1 with two left. Good place to be. Sure ther are things to clean up but it’s a helluva lot more fun to clean shit up when you’re winning big.

We went on the road and beat an SEC team. It’s great damn day.

BTHO ole miss