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Auburn Playlist: A Legacy of Confusion

Have someone in your life that looks at you, like Sir Charles looks at this pizza

Yes, we know that Auburn has an identity crisis. WAR! DAMN! VOLTRON!

Thanks RCB!

But, really take a look at the history of Auburn, and their myriad of legit, legendary “student” athletes. First off, Cam Newton. Cam took the bag and elected to fucking murder college football in 2010. In a year he overcame a 24-0 deficit to beat Alabama, throw for just under 3000 yards, rush for just under 1500, account for 6 touchdowns in SEC Championship game and sweep pretty much every offensive award. This was in 2010 when SEC defense was still a thing.

Next Frank Thomas. Damn, did I love the Big Hurt when I was a kid, but as a freshman at Auburn he hit .359, and in his final season he hit a timid .403 and slugged .801.

Now to basketball, I think everyone knows how incredible Charles Barkley was as a basketball player. But the man had this list of nicknames in college: “Round Mound of Rebound,” “Bread Truck,” “Food World,” “The Incredible Bulk,” “Sir Loin,” “Winn Dixie Beef Boy” and “Boy Gorge.” Two excellent 80’s pop culture references in Sir Loin and Boy Gorge, and Dibs on Winn Dixie Beef Boys for my ska band name.

And finally, the man that all the old Ags love to talk about how the Wrecking Crew stuffed him, Bo Jackson. Honestly the legends of Bo Jackson are out of this world and are probably true. Did he walk on water? Probably. Did he run a 4.12 in the 40? Most likely. Does he currently live in the Alabama woods and practice archery? Yes and it is terrifying!

So with all of this generational talent, what has Auburn done? Well they won a MNC with Cam and other than that, jack shit. This is why Auburn is confusing. Bo Jackson is still considered the greatest athlete of all time, more than 30 years after he played, and Auburn is pretty much an afterthought. As an A&M fan, I just can’t relate I guess. (Lights my Von, Mike, Johnny and Myles prayer candles)

I hope everyone has a great gameday. Take your vitamins, say your prayers, have fun, be safe and BTHO auburn!

Click Here for Your Auburn Playlist

The year is rapidly winding down, which means the new music slows down a bit as all of the cool kid blogs start putting out there best of 2020 lists, but we will get to that next week. To kick it off, RTJ and Royal Blood reworked “the ground below,” taking the original Gang of Four sample, and making it slap even harder. I love digging into some of Alabama’s smaller rock bands like Lee Baines, St. Paul and the Broken Bones and the always underrated Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. Lots more soul and throw back vibes this week, hopefully it gets everyone in the mood for a super funky ass kicking on Saturday. #StreamAway