Who are Texas A&M's remaining targets leading up to Early Signing Day?

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Priority Targets:

Shemar Turner - DL - 5 Star - Desoto HS - Desoto, TX

Shemar Turner has turned heads (pun intended) for most of his high school career, but it wasn't until recently that he made the jump from Elite to top of his class. Shemar's senior season saw him skyrocket up the Rival's 250 and gain his 5th star on 247. If you've followed recruiting even slightly you may know that he has been endlessly compared to current Aggie DE Demarvin Leal both in size and play style, but even more appealing than his talent is his potential, we're talking about a guy that could end up being a first round pick in 3 years so long as he continues to develop and fill out. Right now it seems like a 2 man race between A&M the Tide as A&M looks to pull away as we get closer to ESD.

Tunmise Adeleye - DL - 5 Star - Tompkins HS - Katy, TX
When it comes to High school D Linemen it's easy to be impressed by a 6 foot 200 pounder mowing down 5'10 chubby O Linemen like a bowling ball. al ot of them don't end up panning out when they get to the bigger college game where they can't rely on their size to brute force their way to the play. This however, is NOT the case for Tompkins DE Tunmise Adeleye (Pronounced Too-me-shay Ahh-day-lay-ay) in fact he takes pride in his elite hands. search his name up on Youtube and the first thing you'll find is a quote from Tunmise in which he explains why he thinks boxers and UFC fighters would make the best DLs because of their hands. But dont get confused, he has that size that makes a Highschool OL look like bowling pins. After planning to transfer to IMG Academy which has produced the likes of Kellen Mond and Jhamon Ausbon he committed to Ohio State, but for once Covid gave the Aggies a break because after a semester at IMG he opted out and came back to home state Texas and out of reach of the Gators. That came in handy when he Decommitted from Ohio State and announced his top 3 of A&M, Alabama, and Florida. As the 2020 season has progressed His standing has, seemingly, become clearer. Florida's atrocious defense has put them firmly in third place for the 5 star. So, it seems A&M and Alabama have another head to head which seems to be a new tradition (Shemar Turner, Mckinnley Jackson, and Bobby Brown III come to mind.)

Bryce Foster - OL - 5 Star - Taylor HS - Katy, TX
When he's not benching 405 or cryptically tweeting school's QB commits 5 Star Guard Bryce Foster role plays as the Berlin wall in High School Football games. Nicknamed "the Mountain," Bryce Foster has been a highly coveted OL prospect since 9th grade. and now, 4 years later it seems to stand between 2 teams. OU recruits Bryce alongside 5 star QB Caleb Williams as another chapter in their self proclaimed "OLineU and QBU." But as coach Henson's OL continues to have a stellar season (3 sacks in 7 games) the struggle for Foster continues. And while he is an Aggie Legacy it will come down to more than family to get this 5 star talent on campus. Right now it stands as a toss up but you have to feel confident if you're A&M. Oh and speaking of Toss Ups another giant factor in his recruiting is which school can offer him both football and Olympic level training. That's right Bryce just so happens to be one of the best Shot Putters in his age group. And while I'm no T&F enthusiast a quick google search shows Celine Markert of A&M's Womens T&F and Cooper Campbell of OU's Men T&F are both having record breaking careers at their respective schools. Shot Put also brings us to the underdog to end all underdogs: the Ducks. No, not the Mighty Ducks, the Oregon Ducks. They're a silent threat to OU and A&M as they have both a "prestigious" football program and a storied Track and Field program, but again (brace yourself for another pun) they're a long shot.

LJ Johnson - RB - 4 Star - Cy Fair HS - Cypress TX
Fun Fact: My father used to teach at Cy-Fair when I went to the high school across town. That's not relevant to LJ but I felt like throwing that in there. LJ Johnson is a 5'10 200 Pound RB (not to be confused with the 5'10 200 pound OL bowling pins we talked about earlier) that can shed most tackles as if they were a light breeze and break away for big gains. Dont think he's just a fullback playing halfback though, he's got the speed to boot, running a verified 4.42. LJ's recruiting situation isn't as transparent as the others, mainly due to the fact that he's fairly silent on social media, but one thing is clear; its a classic Texas-Texas A&M recruiting match up. Texas has had a 5 star running back in back to back classes (Jordan Whittington who is now a WR, and Bijan Robinson who is starting) so they've had success in that department, but aside from that there's absolutely nothing appealing for a RB at Texas. As "the Mecca of college football" collapses in on itself it's run game is pitiful. Their leading rusher this season is FB QB Sam Ehlinger with just over 380 yards, their leading rusher in 2019 Keontay Ingram is the third player this week to opt out (and transfer) and the future of Texas coaching is unclear as fans hope to throw their money at retired Urban Meyer only to be left with another year of Herman or some other coach that they didn't really want. A&M, on the other hand, is looking strong at #5 in the CFP Poll, their run game is the strongest part of their offense, and a RB like Johnson wouldn't have to sit behind a current freshman like Bijan for 2+ seasons as Ainias and Spiller are likely gone to the NFL after next season. Still, Texas is very well in it.

Elijah Jeudy - DE - 4 Star - NorthEast HS - Philly, PA
The first out of state recruit I've talked about. We know he isn't committing til NSD in January so I'll keep it brief. He's a former UGA Commit from PA that can set the edge and drop back into coverage. He's been a target for some time, and he'd possibly be the 6th-7th DL in this class.

Remington Strickland - OL - 3 Star - Fort Bend Christian - Sugar Land, TX.
Remington was a late offer for both OU and A&M. And Yes, its another OU and A&M head to head. Strickland is a 24 year old man who enrolled in highschool and is built like he could rip your arms off and beat you with them. Ok, so he's not really 24 but you wouldn't be able to tell if you saw him in the street. He took a visit to A&M, glasses and all, around the LSU game looking like Dexter McPherson on every known HGH. Henson clearly did a good job and A&M now looks to be the favorite and he would be nice little cherry on top of what is shaping up to be an elite OL Class featuring 6'8 Reuben Fatheree, Matthew Wykoff, Trey Zuhn, and possibly Foster.

To Take or Not to Take

Terrion Arnold - S - 4 Star - JPC - Tallahassee, FL
Ok, so Terrion Arnold is an obvious take, but A&M hasn't had much momentum. He recently included A&M in his top 5 and outside of hat science there's not a lot of hope for A&M. He does however have a good relationship with Jimbo stemming from his time at FSU. Jimbo has pulled off surprises right under our noses before and this would be a nice one.

Tywone Malone - DT - 4 Star - Bergen Catholic - Oradell, NJ
Tywone Won't be committing until January's NSD but if we have room for him, and miss out on another DL, Why not? He would make an already crowded DL class a lot more crowded with his 6'4 300 pound frame, but he's a unique talent. And he play's baseball, so a win for Childress. He wants to play Baseball and Football so Ole Miss and A&M Both make sense. But this class is getting more and more crowded by the day.

MJ Daniels - CB/S - 4 Star - George County - Lucedale, MS
MJ was one of the Daniels Trio A&M had recruited earlier in the cycle, and while they landed Amari Daniels from Miami, and Kendal Daniels from Oklahoma, MJ Slipped to Miss State. That said, Miss State is terrible, they're really bad. and MJ is clearly flirting with the idea of decommitting saying "dang everyone Decommitting?" on twitter followed by the infamous thinking face emoji. If A&M has the room he's a take, but for now we wait.

Brian Thomas - WR - 4 Star - Walker HS - Walker, LA

Jardin Gilbert - S - 4 Star - ULS - White Castle, LA (yes thats really the name)
This pair of Louisiana Prospects are some easy takes, again, if you have the room. You don't necessarily need them though. They're elite, no doubt, but this class is stacked and bursting at the seams. LSU seems to lead with both at the moment but as bad as they've been this season A&M could find success in poaching one of them late if need be.

What Happened?

Terrence Lewis - LB - 5 Star - Miami Central - Miami, FL.
Terrence Lewis is one of the best LBs in the 2021 class, and A&M HAD HIM at one point. But rumors of behavioral issues and a late push (late at the time) by Tennessee saw him become part of that incredibly fast filling, and incredibly overhyped Tennessee class. Tennessee underperformed, Their class slowly got passed up as other teams were getting their 4th and 5th commits while Tennessee was already at 25 and what do you know Lewis caved. He decommitted recently and while Auburn is making a strong push, A&M with 2 of his teammates in Amari Daniels, and Yulkieth Brown committed, and his Friends Donell Harris and possible Tunmise Adeleye in his ear, it wouldn't be hard to nab him. Buuuuut those rumors from earlier are really clouding the waters. So much so that no one even knows if A&M is recruiting him. Amari and Tunmise tweeted as soon as he decommitted from Tennessee but that's all we have to work with. So for now this would be priority Target is relegated to this section.

KJ Liggins, - ATH - 3 Star - Coppell HS - Coppell, TX
Former Teammate of A&M commits Eli Stowers and Deuce Harmon was expected to be apart of a trio package of Denton players, A&M Offered in early 2019, and in July most sites chalked him up as an Ag. But then we got radio silence for over a year. KJ is still active on social media, but he doesnt talk about recruiting unless its to thank a school for an offer. He went on visits in 2019 and seemed in but there are no updates anywhere from recruiting sites, to his social media's to the team itself. Is the offer still there? did something happen? We can only wonder...

The Flip to end all Flips

Ja'Tavion Sanders - DE/ATH - 5 Star - Ryan HS - Denton, TX
Ja'Tavion Sanders is an obvious take. There's just one problem; He's committed to Texas. Yes, as Texas' program comes crumbling down Sanders has managed to stay committed. Call it loyalty, call it luck, whatever you call it, its the way it is. He's been with Texas for quite some time, BUT with the future of Texas' coaching at question now would be the perfect time for a flip, (of which Texas has had 5 in this class already, and 2 in 2022.) He plays at the rival school of A&M commits Eli Stowers, and Deuce Harmon, so they're in whisper range, but he's also teammates with former Texas commit and current OU Commit Billy Bowman, so they'd look to flip Sanders too. You'd have squeeze him in, but if it all falls apart for Texas, OU and A&M would both happily take him.

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