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College Football Playoff Committee A Farce: Selects Team Blown Out By Three Touchdowns Last Night Over Red-Hot Team That Won 7 Consecutive SEC Games

The Committee Has Spoken And Guess What: It’s The Same Four Teams We Always See

The College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy Tours South Florida
Complete shitshow
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Fresh off their 34-10 ass-kicking at the hands of a non-depleted Clemson squad, Notre Dame, the sport’s inexplicable golden child, was rewarded with a trip to the playoffs over the Texas A&M Aggies, who have won seven consecutive conference games and only lost to #1 Alabama.

Also enjoying the playoffs will be Ohio State, a team that played 50% fewer games than Texas A&M and eked out a 12-point statement win over powerhouse Northwestern in the B1G title game yesterday.

You can argue obscure talking points and resumes and all manner of other garbage online until you are blue in the face, but the basic fact is that this is an institution just like any others: looking out mainly to protect their own interests. They’d rather decide who their own name brands will be, rather than letting play on the field dictate which programs are worthy from one year to the next.

BTHO whoever we play in whatever non-playoff bowl we end up with. Football is fun, except for when the fun is denied to you by the same system that allows the sport to exist.