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Aggies finish the year 8-1

Texas A&M v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Tremendous game. At some point I’ll calm down when the game is fully in hand knowing that we’ve got it under control but that didnt happen today. But on a day where you have triple the time of possession of your opponent, limit them to 24 total rushing yards, and win the turnover margin...well we as fans have every reason to expect the win. At some point I’ll learn that.

This team is so good. This wasnt a flashy win, it was just a dominating demoralizing performance. We mashed those guys and controlled the game in every single way. Let’s break it down


Kellen finishes the day 26/32 for 281 with 1 TD and 1 INT, and added another 60 yards on the ground with another TD. He was efficient, and made good decisions with the ball. It seems like taking what the defense gives you was a priority of coaching over the past two weeks, and several times we saw Kellen tuck the ball and run for positive yardage. He left a couple of plays on the field, and had one INT (not sur who’s fault that was) but he was at 81% for the game. This after being 78% against Auburn. I dont know that we as a fanbase really appreciate the performances he’s put on the field this year.

Oddly we didnt have a 100 yard rusher this game, instead the three headed monster of Spiller, Smith, and Mond combined for 216 rushing hards on 476 carries. Good solid day for our rushing attack against a team that was committed to not letting us beat them on the ground.

Lastly we had 7 receivers catch balls today. That’s pretty damn good. Pretty good day for the defense.


The first half was a bit rough. They clearly went after the new guy, Brian George, making his first start for an injured Myles Jones. We gave up 156 yards in the first quarter, 139 passing, and 17 on the ground.

But then in the second half, total we gave up 50 yards passing and 7 yards rushing. That’s just laughably fantastic. The front four played supremely well and Elko adjusted his coverage schemes to keep their QBs from throwing on us. This defense is elite elite.

And last about Brian George being that dude to finish the game with a INT? So happy for the kid. Great day for the defense. Good job adjusting.


We want the playoffs. I dont care who we play first round. We want the dang playoffs. But all that aside, take a second to appreciate the season. 8-1 and in the damn conversation for a title at the end of the year. Year 3 and we are in the hunt.

Helluva year. Helluva damn year.

BTHO whomever we play next