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Tennessee Playlist: Another Tender Tennessee Christmas

Aww baby it’s Christmas all over, again, and again!

Combine your passion of hunting and ruining your kids in one simple float

It’s a new day Ags, and for the first time in 2 years I am writing this article from the friendly comforts of my home state. Yes, that is correct, I got to fly on an aeroplane all the way back to Texas, went to bed at 8 pm last night, and then I promptly woke up at at45 in the morning. Time zones are a real son of a bitch.

But, here we are, one game in late December with a whole bunch on the line. And we play my sworn enemy, the Tennessee Volunteers. Why sworn enemy, Evan? Well, dear reader, way back in 2005 we played Tennessee in the cotton bowl. The legend, Dennis Franchione, was at the helm of our beloved Ags. Tennessee won the kickoff and elected to kick the ever living shit out of us that day.

We paid that dude on the left a shit ton of money

Now, I do not hate them because we lost, oh no, we was Aggies and that comes with the territory. No, the game kicked off at I think 4:30 in the morning, on New Years Day in the cold of Dallas, TX. Hair of the dog was an understatement. Now, if you have not had the pleasure of attending a Volunteers football game, let me let you in a little secret. Every time they do something positive, they play “Rocky Top.” First down, first 8 notes of “Rocky Top.” Sack, “Rocky Top.” Pick, “Rocky Top.” Touchdown, the whole god damn song of “Rocky Top.” We lost 38-7, how many times do you think I heard “Rocky Top” that day? I have that song seared into my brain for life, and it is miserable.

To wrap up those 300 words above: Tennessee Volunteers, fuck them.

On happier notes, next week is Christmas and I have been prepping in German lockdown-light by watching a Christmas movie everyday with my wife. Not by my choice, but sacrifices are made in times like these. And you know what, I didn’t know that so many people could relate to having an Inn, or bakery or some old family business gifted to them, in a rural town, and the main character has a difficult decision. Continue their luxury life in the big city, or say “who needs comfort” and take the small struggling business in middle of Nowhere, Iowa, with their new found true love that they have known for 4 days. It’s a tale as old as time.

I am not a Grinch, I absolutely love Christmas, I just love making fun of things that people seem to hold so dear for no reason whatsoever. I totally get it though. Again, we was Aggies. #branding

I hope everyone has a great game day. Take your vitamins, say your prayers, have fun, be safe and BTHO tennesee!

Click Here for Your Tennessee Playlist

Wells, Ole Miss properly fucked up my best of the year article, but that will still be coming in the weeks to follow. So let’s get into some of the weird Christmas music I love. And speaking of Love, Darlene Love is an absolute treasure and she the top and bottom peiece of bread in the lovely Christmas playlist. Of course RTJ makes an appearance with their Christmas “themed” track from their first album. 100 Gecs super weird track, Blink 182, LCD Soundsystem, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, the Eels, Run DMC, Carly Rae Jepson and the classic “Tender Tennessee Christmas” but the Lee Greenwood version! #StreamAway