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That was an ass kicking of tremendous proportions

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve been pointing to 2020 for a while. Third year in Jimbo’s system, some upperclassmen leadership—but mostly because we thought the schedule was friendly and setting us up for a decent run.

When the world went to hell and the schedule changed all of us got a little nervous at how we now needed to replace games against cupcakes with Florida, and wondered whether we’d be able to have the year we were hoping to.

Folks, the schedule doesn’t matter. This team is good. This team is rolling. I don’t know how good South Carolina is and I don’t really care. They don’t matter. This Aggie football team is really really good. Like really good. Like good at every spot on the field to the point where each position makes the other better.

We’re a good team that’s clicking right now. It’s fun to watch.


This defensive line is one of the best I’ve seen in my 20+ years of following Aggie Football. Demarvin Leal, Bobby Brown, McKinley the interior is just so dang good and gave South Carolina fits all night. The Gamecocks finished with 50 yards rushing, 28 of which came on one play. Take that out and they had 24 carries for 22 yards. TWENTY FOUR CARRIES FOR TWENTY TWO YARDS. This front 7, including Hansford and Johnson...they’re wreaking havoc right now.

And how about us forcing two turnovers? Two interceptions from our safeties—when Demani Richardson was unavailable and Antonio Johnson on the bench for his targeting penalty last week. Keldrick Carper and Leon are out there taking advantage of mistakes and making the other team pay.


Kellen finished the night 16/26 (62%) for 224 with 4 TDs. He was efficient, took care of the ball and made some great passes. Good night for him.

Spiller was 18 carries for 131, and added 2 receptions for 46 yards. We’re slowly seeing him emerge as an elite SEC back. Hoping he gets healthy and comes back strong next week.

How about Devone Achane? 13 carries for 65 yards with 2 receptions for 70. This RB room has some depth, as also shown by the youngsters, Crownover, Jackson, and Hubbard running with anger.

I don’t have the words to describe how satisfying it is to see this offense clicking. The OL is kicking ass out there, the receivers are getting off the line of scrimmage with purpose, and the TE is seemingly always open. We are firing on all damn cylinders right now.


We continue to be excellent on third down, finishing the game 12/16. Moreover, after a bad week last week we only had 2 penalties for 25 yards. This team is getting better and better.

Like...what else can I say? We flat out whipped their ass. This was about as complete of a performance as I’ve seen from an Aggie football team in I don’t even know how long.

We are pretty good y’all. Pretty damn good.

BTHO tennessee