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LSU Playlist: C is for Corndog

That’s good enough for me!


I type this as I try and prepare an American style Thanksgiving, a day after Thanksgiving in Germany, and boy do these Krauts not understand us celebrating stealing land with beads and typhoid. But here we are, I never thought we would get back on track. The VID ran through us, but we are back and ready to take on the best smelling fan base in the SEC!

I am not one to speak ill of the the Tigers, I love Louisiana and my former boss is an LSU alum. But they kind of play up their whole schtick. I mean they hired Cajun Cookie Monster, for fucks sake.

So let’s learn a little bit of vocabulary for when you meet those fine folks from southern Louisiana.

First off, flatten your “a’s” and “th” sounds are now “d” sounds or just a “t” sound. So if you wanted to say, “that lady is pretty, I would like to talk to her and take her out to get a drink.” In Cajun we say, “Mais! Dat sha is tick, y’all get down so we can make a pass at da Daquiri Stop!”

You understand that? No? Well catch up nerd because you gotta learn this shit before these psychos invade College Station. Oh you think they aren’t traveling because of COVID? These are the people that decided eating nutrias, the inspiration for The Princess Bride’s ROUS, was a good idea.

Alright, well now everyone has a homework assignment. Go learn southern Louisianan Cajun. I think it’s a minor at LSU. Bet-mon-chu, Tigahs!

I hope everyone has a great gameday. Take your vitamins, say your prayers, have fun, be safe and BTHO lsu!

Click Here for Your LSU Playlist

Louisiana is the birthplace of American music. I don’t care what anyone says, Louisiana will always be it for me. I have had more fun listening to music in that state over any other, and I have been a full time Texan up until last year. We begin and end with the quintessential Rebirth Brass Band with Part 1 & 2 of “Do What You Wanna.” Sprinkled in are Lil’ Wayne, Big Freedia, Trombone Shorty, Tank and the Bangas and Nicky Da B. Bad Bunny dropped a surprise album, Bleachers have Bruce Springsteen guest on a new song and Meghan Thee Stallion finally released her album. Jesus Christ, that’s a lot for one playlist. #StreamAway