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Arkansas Playlist: Under the Covers Volume V

Jerry Jeff Walker

It’s been two weeks since we last talked, and damn, a lot has gone down. The Big 10 decided to play football, that didn’t work out all that well. And we lost a pair of Texas legends.

Many a drunken college night was spent listening to these two men, and I will always cherish the short but very funny conversation I had with Jerry Jeff, many years ago.

Now, this week isn’t all a downer. We get to play the fightin’ Walmuts of Arkansas, and on Halloween, checks if Halloween is cancelled. Either way, this should be a fun game. But you know what? I don’t like Arkansas, and I don’t want to talk about them. We don’t play Georgia this year, but that is not going to stop me from talking about a historic album that turns 20 years old this weekend.

Yeah, do y’all feel old now? Outkast’s insane funked out weirdo classic Stankonia is 20 years old. And I can honestly say, I think I have listened to this album more than any other in my life. I clearly remember buying this album at a Hastings in New Braunfels, TX, putting the CD in my Kenwood and letting Gasoline Dreams absolutely murder my speakers. When I heard Andre scream “Well burn mother fucker, burn American dreams,” over a distorted wah pedaled electric guitar, I knew this was different. Also imagine teenage me with my windows down blaring this album in white ass New Braunfels, we have fun.

That punch in the face is followed up by the So Fresh, So Clean, Ms. Jackson and Snappin’ and Trappin, hell of a run and introduces us to a very young Killer Mike, of the now well known Run the Jewels. Outkast brought Killer Mike well over a decade before RTJ was even a thought, man I miss Outkast.

Go out and listen to Stankonia.

Now that I have completely gone off track and barely mentioned the team we are playing, this weeks playlist is the only theme I have done since the inception of this article. We get to go under the covers, and have all cover songs! This is my legacy here Ags.

Click Here for Under the Covers Vol V

My job is super easy for this week, most/all of these songs are very well known. A few highlights are Zach de la Rocha remixing the Stankonia standout B.O.B, far covering Ginuwine’s Pony, a few JJW and Bill Joe Shaver covers and Tenacious D bringing in the Halloween spirit with a great cover of Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Time Warp! Stream away!