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Like, a lot a lot.

Texas A&M vs Alabama

Another year another loss to Bama. I dont have a ton to say about this one so I’m not going to say a ton.


Kellen was 25/44 for 318 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT (pick 6) with 19 yards rushing. It was fun to see Haynes King out there. He finished 13 for 17 yards with 43 yards rushing (our leading rusher!)

If you’re a “bench Kellen” kind of person then I doubt he did anything to change your mind. If you are a “Kellen’s probably better than our backups” kind of guy then I doubt Haynes did anything to change your mind. Kellens INT was his fault. I dont think Haynes’s was if you’re making a tally.

Kellen’s inability to hit the long ball and the resulting lack of trust Jimbo has in the long ball hampers the offense. Maybe that’s reason enough to play a different QB. I guess my point here is that QB wasnt the issue today. Mond might not be the problem but maybe he’s not the solution. But today I dont think a different QB would have been either. I dont know man.

30 Rushes for 115 yards isnt gonna cut it against a team like bama.

Wydermyer and Smith had tremendous games. Good signs for the future.

Last thing: #WHERESDEMAS


Good news is that we held them to a little over 100 yards rushing for the game. Bad news is that we gave up 430+ passing. Mac Jones finished the day 20/27 for 435, with 4 TDs and 1 INT. Front 7 played well fort the most part. Back 4 did not.


Year three under Jimbo and it’s another multi TD loss to Bama. In fairness, Bama is really really good. By far the best team we’ll see this year (I think).

I dont think a different QB gives us a better chance to win this game, but I’m ok with you thinking I’m wrong on that. King showed promise and I look forward to seeing him play more whenever that may be.

BTHO florida