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Alabama Playlist: Wake and Bama

Some early morning jams

Again, nothing to do with this article

Everyone out there doing alright? Nothing odd happened from Saturday to Friday? Cool, cool cool cool.

Now that we know that everyone is leading a completely normal life. Let’s get to this completely normal and completely on time music and fart joke article. No, I didn’t forget to write on time article this week, you did! Yeah, so this week was really weird, huh?

What to write about Alabama after last week’s excellent showing? I don’t think this team is bad, I think they treated Vanderbilt like a scrimmage, which is dumb, and have been prepping for the fighting Sabanettes since they reported for camp. I don’t know man, I am just trying to put a bow on all of this.

So I don’t want to make fun of Alabama anymore, it’s kind of shooting fish in a barrel. Instead, let’s take some time and look back in history at all time music legend who we lost 3 years ago as of yesterday.

Nothing to do with Alabama
Rolling Stone

Yes, it’s been three years since Tom Petty left us, and honestly going back and listening to his catalog over the past few days, it really sucks. But, there a few fun stories to make this not so damn depressing. The scene from Spinal Tap where the band gets lost backstage is inspired by a tour video of Petty and the Heartbreakers walking in a venue in Germany and then ending up at a tennis court. If were them I would have said “Fuck it” and play a couple matches. And also Cardi B thanking him for flowers, when someone used a lyric from “Walls,” two years after his death. #ThisIsAmerica.

I hope everyone has a great gameday. Take your vitamins, say your prayers, have fun, be safe and BTHO bama!

Click Here for Your Bama Playlist!

Highlights in this weeks playlist is another absolute crusher from the Deftones fantastic new album Ohms. Bon Iver joins us again, and this week is way more rock heavy than other weeks.

Also, one more fun story about Tom Petty. He joined the Traveling Wilburys completely by accident. George Harrison stopped by his house to pick up a guitar he had left at Petty’s house. He joked Tom should stop by the studio and hang out. He did, and they had such a good time they decided to record a full album. Yeah, just casually having a Beatle stop by your house to then go hangout with Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynn and Bob Dylan, completely normal stuff.