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Happy “Three Twenties and a Ten” Day from Robert Earl Keen

“Feels so good feelin’ good again”

Stagecoach Music Festival - Day One Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

First of all, happy bye week!

Second of all,

Yes, you fellow non-engineers may have noticed that today’s date has a bunch of 20’s and 10’s in it. We’ll have to trust the experts that they add up to the song lyrics.

This is 100% a matter of opinion, but this song is good for stoking the memories. No matter what’s going down in life right now, it’s a comfort to know that we can always retreat into a song to recall simpler times.

“Standing down on Main Street, across from Mr. Blue’s” is literal for me. It means you’ve just lined your stomach at the O.S.T. with a chicken-fried steak or enchiladas and you’re ready for a night at Arkey’s. An unexpected $70 is burning a hole in your pocket and making you feel like royalty. Everyone’s having a good time, and the song manages to capture just the feeling of one night, living on in perpetualy-fleeting perfection for all eternity. Have one.