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Starkvegas Playlist: Pirates of the Mississippi

Deep diving this week

Everyone still on that sweet, sweet top five win high? Yeah me too. Well get ready y’all this week we get to meet an old friend who definitely enjoys illegal substances, the one and only Michael Charles Leach. I’m sorry, I know a lot of soft ass Aggie fans curse this mans name forever, but I do not understand the hate. Leach if hilarious, and if he were an Aggie coach people would die on the hill he pretend commandeered until he got himself fired.

This week was tailor made for someone like me. There is really shitty early 90’s country band that has the name Pirates of the Mississippi. Slam dunk right? Nah! That’s way too easy, but in my opinion they did write the absolute saddest country song of all time. Check it out below to get all the tears out.

You watch that whole thing? You keep it together? Well you are a better man or woman than me. So where to go after not taking the easy road? Well an obscure German/Italian/French Cowboy movie from the 1960’s. Did you see that one coming!?

Les Pirates du Mississippi or Die Flußpiraten vom Mississippi, depending on your country of origin, was produced in 1963 when Germany was still in two parts, the West gets credit here. There is not much written about it, but it’s based on a novel from the 1800’s and a guy named Tony Kendall plays Chief Black Eagle, that seems completely acceptable, right? Well, he reprised his role in Black Eagle of Santa Fe, so I guess he did a good job.

I will never know why Mississippi State has not leaned in harder to the whole Pirate thing, but if any of their fans or Aggie fans have a spare hour and a half, here is the whole damn movie.

Nobody still with me? Great. I hope everyone has a great gameday. Take your vitamins, say your prayers, have fun, be safe and BTHO mississippi state!

Click Here for Your Mississippi State Playlist

Better week for new music, I thought this pandemic would really push out some awesome stuff, and maybe we are starting to see it. We kick it off though with the banger classic from Mountain Mississippi Queen, doing it live. I really enjoy the stripped version of Mo Money, Mo Problems. Finally, I always forget that Big K.R.I.T and David Banner are from Mississippi. K.R.I.T is one of my favorites of all time, but damn did Banner have a bunch of hits in the early aughts. Stream away!