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Re-live that Florida W with ‘The Pulse’

As good as advertised

The players may only get 24 hours in a big win, but us fans are under no such restrictions. When you get your biggest home win in a-person-who-can-legally-vote years, you’re allowed an extra bit of reveling, and 12th Man Productions has created the perfect vehicle for this indulgence with this week’s episode of “The Pulse.”

The production value on these is always high, and it’s cool to see the various angles they take each week to find a new story to tell. But for me, I live for the Jimbo Fisher locker room speeches. I know he’s not saying anything particularly revelatory, but he says it with a conviction and an earnestness that makes ready to run through a wall, and you can see the players buy into it as well.

What is particularly exciting to see in this week’s episode is the reaction of the coaches and players to the win. It wasn’t all just joy and elation from an upset win. You could see on their faces and hear in their voices the satisfaction that they are seeing results from the hard work they’ve put in. Let’s hope it results in many more Ws this year, but for now, enjoy this game one more time.