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Instant Reaction: Texas A&M Falls to Clemson, 24-10

It was ugly, but it can improve

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get started let’s make one thing clear. Clemson is really good. Defending national champions. QB with amazing hair and amazing arm. So they’re a good team. But with all that being said, this was not a good game for your Fightin Texas Aggies. We didn’t play well. Let’s break it down:

Kellen Mond

We can be honest here. Despite his stat line being remarkably similar to his averages from last year, Kellen had a bad game—more specifically a bad 2.5/3 quarters. We can’t win if Kellen plays poorly and today he played poorly. On the second play of the day there was a wide open WR for 7 that we could have hit and made this a different game, but Kellen was throwing high. We DO NOT need a different QB, we need Kellen to perform better. Kellen had a bad day today.

Wide Receivers

Let’s be real, they didn't have the best of days until the fourth quarter. I counted at least 4 drops on catchable balls. We need the entire team to perform well and today neither Kellen nor the skill positions performed all that well.

Line of Scrimmage

I thought the OL and the DL performed pretty well today. Kellen had time, although the OL didn’t allow for much of a run game. Similarly the DL held Clemson to 121 rushing yards. The damn game was there to be had, man.

The Defense

Clemson finished with 389 yards. Which seems like a lot but the A&M defense played well enough to win if we had any sort of offense. Timely Giving up the 17 points in the second quarter was bad, but we held them in the second half.


I’m not happy but I’m not panicking. Kellen needed to play better. He played poorly. I think he’s capable of playing better and we didn’t see it today. Regroup and get ready for the next one.

BTHO lamar.