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Change a letter, ruin a Clemson Tiger

Several-years-old memes are the best memes

We’re inching closer to your Texas A&M Aggies massive showdown in Death Valley with the Clemson Tigers, and to prepare you for this huge game, we’ve brought you insightful football analysis stupid Clemson photoshops using an outdated meme format.


Dabo Swinnmmey

Trevmor Lawrence


TWee Higgins

Getty Images

Darien Reancher

Kaneg Patterson

Matthew MBaloney

BHen Batson

Kaleb Boateing

Chase Bricek

Xavier KJelly

Have a better one I didn’t think of? Post it in the comments and I’ll end up not making it into a Photoshop because I’ve already invested more time in this concept than any rational person should.