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Arkansas Playlist: Here Comes the Stupid


Let’s lighten the mood right off the bat.

That video is old as shit and still makes me giggle every time. It is also how I feel about A&M playing Arkansas. No, no I know they are in division rivals and we have to, but the whole makeup of this series is stupid.

First off, look at the murderers row of coaching talent they have thrown at us over the past 7 years.

Derp! Derp!
I am too expensive fire!

If that parade of doofs didn’t do it for you, how about playing this game in Arlington, at 11 AM? God damn morning drunk in Arlington is awful, seriously try it once and you will swear off the Metroplex for years. I know they have made attempts to make the area more appealing (shoutout to Division Brewing) but I’d rather just sit on my couch and flip back and forth to some B10 action to see which one will put me to sleep first.

I’m not shitting on the team, it’s just proven that these early kicks start soooooo slow! And with another slow start Aggie Twitter will become even more insufferable.

The final cherry on this stupid sundae is that A&M has won 7 in a row, 3 in OT and 5 out of 7 by one score. That boggles the mind and laughs in the face of sanity. I beg Kellen and the boys to just absolutely blow the Hogs out tomorrow.

But hey it is still football and it is slump bustin’ time! Over here in Deutshland, it’s Oktoberfest, and I will be enjoying the festivities all weekend and enjoying the Ags in the early evening, while everyone back home struggles to get on I-30 by 8 AM to make the tailgate. I miss home sometimes y’all. Everyone have fun, be safe and BTHO arkansas!


1. Hog Wild- Hank Williams Jr.

This is keeping on trend and is a stupid song, but I wanted to change things up.

2. Dura (Remix)- Daddy Yankee feat. Becky G., Bad Bunny & Natti Natasha

Here is where we really start. Did I mention that I went to Cuba over NYE this year? This song was nonstop there.

3. Rosie- DJ Shadow

Samples, on samples, on samples.

4. Why Not?- Boyz Noize feat. Francis and the Lights

I continue the trend of adding every new Francis song.

5. Get High and Listen to The Cure- The Mountain Goats

Not a terrible alternative to waking up for early games.

6. I Don’t Care (Loud Luxury Remix)- Ed Sheeran feat. Justin Bieber

Justin, this isn’t your fault.

7. Recognize- DJ Snake feat. Majid Jordan & Mercer

I dislike the state of Arkansas so it is mostly new music this week.

8. By My Lonely- Kevin Gates

Indulge my like of Kevin Gates and his angry rap.

9. Mercury in Retrograde- Sturgill Simpson

This album is a weird sharp turn for Sturgill, but I really like it.

10. Holy Water- Galantis

Holy water and book learnin’ are the only known things to repel an Arkansawyer

11. Fendi- PnB Rock feat. Nicki Minaj & Murda Beatz

This is really good

12. Easter is Cancelled- The Darkness

If somehow we lose, well Easter will definitely be cancelled.

13. Brand New- Fetty Wap

Remember when Fetty guested on every track?

14. Rushing Back- Flume feat. Vera Blue

Any of y’all hear about Flume at Burning Man? Check that out, I try to keep it PG-13 around here. Well maybe like 80’s PG-13.

15. Home Alone- Walk Off the Earth

Off topic but did you know the state of Arkansas doesn’t even have a clear name for their citizens. Arkansan or Arkansawyer. Effing stupid!

16. Hog- Hitta Slim feat. E-40