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Gonna keep this short because I’m fairly disgusted.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

The story of A&M is not the inability to win games where we are completely overmatched. We’ve done that before on random rare occasions. The story of Aggie Football is the inability to win the tough games that we should win. The inability to win games that are hard but doable. In my lifetime we’ve never been able to do that consistently. And its maddening.


Jimbo got out coached today. Malzahn was creative on offense, and put his young QB in position to be successful. When Malzahn needed to adjust to the feel of the game he did. Jimbo did not do that.

I understand that Jimbo’s system has proven to work. But right now we don’t have the personnel to run his offense and we don’t want to adjust. And it’s maddening to watch.


Kellen took care of the ball today. He was 31/49 (63%) for 335 with 2 TDs. The only gripe I have is that he’s not running the ball more. But I dont know if that’s all on him or if it goes back to the offense. My bet is the latter. If you look at this game and say that Kellen lost it then I dont know what to tell you and we probably dont need to be talking because we’re never going to agree.

Run Game

56 yards rushing. Cant win in the SEC with ony 56 yards rushing (26 of which were from Kellen). Football is a line of scrimmage game and we lost it badly today on offense.


We lack it. We’ve got no juice at any of the skill positions. Hell for that matter we dont have it on the OL either. All of us are stunned by Aianais Smith playing well because he’s got some juice to him. I dont know how to describe it but we dont have it. We need speed all over the field.


We spotted them 14. Then turned the ball over on our side of the field. Defense played fine. Key word is fine. Everyone played fine. Offensive coaching was not fine.


This is not a good sign for the rest of the year. Auburn was a game we should have won. I’m still gonna be wearing maroon every single day for the rest of the year, but my hopes and confidence in our ability to “take the next step” is shaken. Feels like the honeymoon ended today.

BTHO arkansas.