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Instant Reaction: Texas A&M 62, Lamar 3

Not a perfect game, but chalk up another win

NCAA Football: Lamar at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

This was a sloppy win over an overmatched opponent. We looked great in some facets (especially on defense) and looked somewhat poor in others. Let’s break this down:


Kellen Mond finished the day 20/28 for 317 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. He had a Kellen type of day. Some great throws, some not so great throws, but he managed the game pretty well. I think there is some temptation to call out Kellen for all the offensive woes, because we did look discombobulated at times, but I think that’s completely unfair.

Wide Receivers

If you’re looking for a spot to side eye right now it’s here. We have a lot of talent on this WR roster, but we lack the “clutch” gene. We also lack a guy who can consistently get us YAC. The stats look okay, Ausbon had 4 catches for 109 and Rogers had 6 catches for 83, but the stats don’t tell the tale of at least five drops. Think about that. Let’s say at least 3 of them (that’s estimating conservatively) were catchable balls thrown by Mond, he finishes 23/28 which is 82%. There’s a reason why it was exciting to see Ainais Smith out there—it’s because he was clutch and made tough catches and got some yards after the catch. I don’t think we have a QB controversy—I think we have a WR controversy. Our WRs have to step up as we move into SEC play.


Feels like we have a legitimate starter in Spiller. I was pleasantly surprised by his vision, burst, and patience. He’s got a little Trayveon in him and he’s got the size to take a pounding in the SEC. Good game for the young man.


What can you say about Elkos’s squad? Few busts and gave up fewer than 200 yards. 75 yards through the air, and I know it’s jUSt LaMAr but all of us were concerned about this secondary before the season started. I think we’re in as good of a place as we can be.


Another week with a lot to clean up. Another week with a big opponent looming. Good win, and time to get your mind right for the Tigers.

BTHO auburn