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Lamar Playlist: Hi, How Are You?

Do you need a hug?

H Craig, 11/24/2016

Welcome back. Rough week? Yeah I understand, but read the question in the picture above. I always think the simple question atop Daniel Johnston’s most iconic album cover is so heartfelt. And after the let down of last week, it’s nice to just ask.

As some may know, Daniel Johnston passed this week. He is an Austin icon, and to many a rock and roll pioneer. I am not going to pretend that I am super into his music, but I appreciate his influence on many bands that I am very much into, and a lot of the covers are very sweet. Listen below to Karen O, of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, sing a very simple pretty Johnston song.

It is hard to be mean, sarcastic or witty when the Ags are coming off such a big game, and for most a big disappointment. On the bright side, 10 more games and probably at least 4 more build ups like last week. OK pitty party over, nut up buttercup Game 3, here we go! YEAH EFFIN’ LAMAR!

*fart noise*

The last time we played the Fightin’ Golden Trianglers, we had just come off a stupid display of offense from Mr. Trill, over what turned out to be a mediocre Skarilina. Remember those days? I ‘member. Now we are in a different place, with a different coach and a banged up team. A solid scrimmage from a powerhouse Beaumont high school team is just what this team needs. Whatever, play FCS schools to get healthy and let them collect a paycheck, and don’t pull a Tennessee.

I didn’t do this last week, and I should have. The Spaghetti Monster in the sky at GBH have allowed me to be a weekly fixture now. I really appreciate the opportunity for more people to read my ramblings and hopefully listen to my weird weekly mixtapes. If you like the article, let me know. If you hate this article, definitely let me know. Either way I am so happy to officially be a part of this super weird and completely dysfunctional family.

We only get two and a half more moths of precious, precious TAMU football. Enjoy the game, stop complaining, drink a beer, have fun, be safe and BTHO lamar!


1. Get Your Cook Game Like Mine- Spokewheel feat. Lil’ Wayne

Wayne is from New Orleans, so obviously he is finally embracing his culinary side. What else would they be cooking?

2. Don’t Call Me Angel- Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Ray

I am guessing the age demographic is students and 30 somethings, so here is a future pop hit for the youths and #dadlyfe

3. Get Throwed- Bun B

Port Arthur Texas’ finest

4. Throw it Back- Missy Elliott

Did you know the VMA’s were still a thing? Me neither. Well Missy won “Video Vanguard” and her performance was bonkers

5. The End of the Game- Weezer

Damn you Weezer, keep pulling me back

6. Pourin’ Up- Pimp C feat. Mike Jones & Bun B

I like that Pimp C sampled himself

7. Gimme All Your Lovin’- ZZ Top

Their first gig ever was in 1970 at KC Hall in Beaumont. Jesus that is perfect

8. Cash Shit- Megan Thee Stallion feat. DaBaby

Hot Girl Summer was the his, but this song is better

9. I’m Coming Home (To See My Momma)- Clifton Chenier

Clifton was born in Opelousas, but moved to the Triangle as a kid. Where else you going to get DaBaby into some Zydeco?

10. Intentions- Big Boi feat. Sleepy Brown & CeeLo Green

Dungeon Family reunion. I am burning through a lot of really good Georgia material

11. Treehouse- James Arthur feat. Ty Dollar $ign & SHOTTY HORROH

This is new and different

12. Exit Sign- The Knocks feat. Gallant

Beaumont’s nickname is ‘Texas’ Exit’ right? It should be

13. St. Nazaire- The Pixies

One of the bands that Daniel Johnston influenced that I have loved for so long

14. Erase- Cautious Clay

Last week is just a memory

15. The Race is On- George Jones

If you have the time, fall down this incredible rabbit hole

16. Two Moons- The Weeks

Really looking forward to The Weeks’ new album

17. Front, Back & Side to Side- UGK

This list could have been all UGK honestly

18. Cry Baby- Janis Joplin

I listened to my old pal @jimmygrards, that any list that goes from UGK to Joplin is worthwhile. The greatest voice to ever come out of Texas