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Definitive Aggie Football ‘do not tweet’ list

Avoid in-season embarrasment with a pre-emptive block-a-thon

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College football season is drawing ever closer, and as games get underway, Texas A&M Aggies fans will flock to Twitter to talk about our team and all of our unmitigated successes. Unfortunately, seasons don’t always go according to plan, and Aggie Twitter has a penchant for devolving into chaos faster than a Kevin Sumlin run defense.

Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with venting your frustrations out into the Twitterverse. College football is a shared experience, and feeling miserable together is still better than feeling miserable alone. That said, directing these criticisms directly at players, coaches or other A&M officials is bad form. You all know this, but in the head of the moment, it’s easy to want to tag someone as a scapegaot for your football-induced rage.

With that in mind, we’ve created the definitive Aggie Football “do not tweet” list. This is a comprehensive list of the Twitter accounts for Texas A&M players, coaches and other official accounts involved with the football program. Some of you may choose to follow these accounts, but the smart play is to simply block them all preemptively. After all, you can’t tag an account you’ve forgotten existed right?

Ed. Note: recruits not listed, because we absolutely do not trust you to employ restraint and self-discipline if you’re into Recruiting Twitter.

Texas A&M Football Coaching Staff

Jimbo Fisher Head Coach N/A
Mike Elko Defensive Coordinator/Safeties
Darrell Dickey Co-Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
Jay Graham Co-Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs
Dameyune Craig Wide Receivers
Joe Jon Finley Tight Ends
Josh Henson Offensive Line
Maurice Linguist Cornerbacks
Bradley Dale Peveto Linebackers
Terry Price Defensive Ends
Elijah Robinson Defensive Line
Jerry Schmidt Director of Athletic Performance N/A
Jeremy Kerr Offensive & Special Teams Analyst
Eric Russell Special Teams Analyst
David Spurlock Offensive Analyst
Stan Watson Defensive Analyst
Walt Whitehead Offensive Analyst N/A
Lee Grimes Graduate Assistant (Offense)
Sean Maguire Graduate Assistant Coach

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Texas A&M Football Players

1 Quartney Davis WR
1 Buddy Johnson LB
2 Jhamon Ausbon WR
2 Elijah Blades DB
3 Vernon Jackson RB
3 Tyree Johnson DL
4 James Foster QB
4 Derrick Tucker DB
5 Bobby Brown, III DL
5 Jalen Preston WR
6 Derick Hunter DL
6 Roshauud Paul WR
7 Jashaun Corbin RB
8 Connor Blumrick QB
8 Demarvin Leal DL
9 Hezekiah Jones WR
9 Leon O'Neal Jr. DB
10 Zach Calzada QB
10 Myles Jones DB
11 Kellen Mond QB
11 Larry Pryor DB
13 Kendrick Rogers WR
13 Erick Young DB
14 Camron Buckley WR
14 Keldrick Carper DB
15 Jeremiah Martin DL
16 Brian Johnson LB
16 Chase Lane WR
17 Alex Fernandes QB
17 Devin Morris DB
18 Kam Brown WR
19 Anthony Hines III LB
19 Colton Taylor QB
20 Reese Mason WR
20 Ikenna Okeke LB
21 Charles Oliver DB
21 Deneric Prince RB
22 Clifford Chattman DB
22 Ainias Smith WR
23 Jacob Kibodi RB
23 Tarian Lee, Jr. LB
24 Chris Russell LB
24 Jake Smith QB
25 Cordarrian Richardson RB
25 Brian Williams DB
26 Jacob Groff TE
26 Demani Richardson DB
27 Roney Elam DB
27 AJ Sanders RB
28 Travon Fuller DB
28 Isaiah Spiller RB
29 Daniel Bushland WR
29 Debione Renfro DB
30 Andrew Boykin WR
30 Cade Prendergast DB
31 Reinard Britz QB
31 Marquez Johnson DB N/A
32 Hunter Smith WR
32 Andre White, Jr. LB
33 Aaron Hansford LB
33 Dylan Taylor WR N/A
34 Noah Barker DB
34 Braden Mann P/KO
35 Zachary Cuellar DB
35 Bladen Reaves RB
36 Ke'Shun Brown LB
36 Caden Davis PK
37 Nigel Brobbey FB
37 Mitchell Howard DL
38 Konnor Hitchcock DB
38 Drew Riethman PK
39 Brady Marek DB
39 Jake Pagel DS
40 Connor Choate DS
40 Tyree Wilson DL
41 Michael Maldonado DS
41 R.J. Orebo DL
42 Ke'undre Azakytu WR
42 Camron Horry TE
43 Cagan Baldree FB
43 Alex Zettler DB
45 Logan Bland LB
45 Sam Stanley FB N/A
46 Ryan Renick TE
47 Seth Small PLK N/A
47 Ethan West WR N/A
48 Alan Guerrieri P/K
51 Riley Anderson OL
51 Joseph Mawad LB N.A
52 Justin Madubuike DL
53 John Locke LB N/A
53 Blake Trainor OL
54 Carson Green OL
55 Kenyon Green OL
55 Adarious Jones DL
56 Keeath Magee II LB
57 McCrae Rutledge LB
58 Garrett Townsend DS
58 Braden White LB
60 Barton Clement OL
61 Thomas Spann OL
62 Harrison Hall OL N/A
63 Braeden Kobza OL
64 Layden Robinson OL
65 Dan Moore Jr. OL
67 Galen Gallagher OL
71 Grayson Reed OL
72 Colten Blanton OL
73 Jared Hocker OL
74 Kellen Diesch OL
75 Luke Matthews OL
76 Colton Prater OL
77 Ryan McCollum OL
79 Marcus "Tank" Jenkins OL
80 Tyler Ondrusek TE
81 Caleb Chapman WR
82 Dylan Wright WR
83 Kenyon Jackson WR
84 Daniel Haak TE
84 Moses Reynolds DB
85 Jalen Wydermyer TE
86 Glenn Beal TE
87 Tyler Scoggin TE
88 Baylor Cupp TE
89 Justin Mellenbruch FB
91 Micheal Clemons DL N/A
92 Jayden Peevy DL
93 Max Wright DL
94 Spencer Higdon LB
95 Danny Milam DL
99 Josh Rogers DL

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Official Texas A&M Accounts

Texas A&M University
Ross Bjork, Athletic Director
Texas A&M Athletics
Texas A&M Football
12th Man Foundation
Texas A&M ticket office
Texas A&M Equipment Staff
Texas A&M Compliance Office
Gameday Information
Aggie Yell Leaders
12th Man Productions

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