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Good solid night of football

NCAA Football: Texas State at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

Gonna keep this short and sweet. We did what we were supposed to do. We are better across the board than Texas State and we straight bullied them. There are good things and bad things, and I don’t know that we really know more about this team than we did prior to this game. Sure wish we could have had the shut out, but that doesn’t particularly matter. Let’s break this down real quick.

The Good

  1. Kellen Mond: 19/27 for 194 with 3 TDs and 1 INT and 25 yards rushing. We need Kellen to take a step forward this sseasons and it sure looks like he did. He was poised, in control, and man he made some phenomenal throws. Really good night for him.
  2. Front 7: Our DL is phenomenal and Buddy Johnson/Anthony Hines are stars. Texas State had 8 rush yards. 8. Don’t care how bad the opponent is, that’s impressive. We knew the talent was there, good to see them perform
  3. Turnovers: We had 4 interceptions. We had 7 all of last year. That’s a big deal. Turnovers are a system thing, and this was a big big deal for us to get that monkey off our back.

Things of Concern:

  1. The OL: It gelled late, but the OL is an area of concern. It’s not a talent issue, it’s communication...on multiple plays you had players who just either didn’t know their assignments or weren’t taking care of them. Need to get better. We should have bullied this team at the LOS and we didn’t. That’s concerning.
  2. Red Zone Turnovers: One INT/one fumble. Need to clean that up.
  3. We don’t know anything more: Big win yes, but still glaring issues. That’s a concern.


This might have been the best kind of win for us. Dominant, yet with enough of a mess for Jimbo to have things to yell about. Good night. Time to get thrown into the fire.

BTHO clemson