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VIDEO: The SEC Fairy Godmother grants every team one preseason wish

‘For the season is long, and full of hardships.’

The guys at SEC Shorts have done it again. Earlier this summer we brought you their hilarious Smack-Talking Barbershop Quartet, and they got one last gem in there before the offseason officially ends in a few days. In this bit, the “SEC Fair Godmother” grants each team one wish heading into the 2019 season. But in true monkey’s paw fashion, no wish is as simple as it seems.

Texas A&M: “I wish for a schedule that would impress the Playoff Selection Committee.”

SEC Fairy Godmother: “Granted!”

Texas A&M: “Oh (glances down at schedule). Ohhh my Gooooood! I said impress the Playoff Selection Committee not guarantee we go to the Liberty Bowl!”