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Introducing the first SBNation FanPulse Top 25 Poll: Texas A&M Edition

No big surprises...OR ARE THERE?


Good morning! You have probably dreamed of this moment all off-season: our site’s very first top 25 poll that actually allows us to vote.

(If you’re not familiar with FanPulse, here’s the main hub.)

Not only that, but the polls are split out by school so that we can see how each team’s fans ranked the top 25. It’s not too surprising that there are a few key differences in the overall top 25 (shown above), and the Texas A&M fan top 25:

2019 Texas A&M FanPulse Poll (First Edition)

1 Clemson
2 Alabama
3 Georgia
4 Ohio State
5 Oklahoma
6 Texas A&M
7 Michigan
8 Florida
9 Notre Dame
10 LSU
11 Oregon
12 Washington
13 Penn State
14 UCF
15 Texas
16 Utah
17 Auburn
18 Wisconsin
19 Iowa
20 Northwestern
21 Iowa State
22 Miami
23 Michigan State
24 Nebraska
25 Mississippi State

Looks pretty good! Especially that team ranked 15th that DEFINITELY nobody who voted in this poll cares or worries about one bit. (Also...shout out to our great friends at the Maryland, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Syracuse sites: they are the only four other polls to rank A&M ahead of Texas).

What do we think? Who’s too high or low? Check out some of the other team-specific results around the network. If you missed it earlier, cuppycup and I did some advanced pollster analysis on this morning’s podcast.