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Madden ‘20 has a bathroom recruiting scene

This Minute Bull podcast discusses an oddity in Madden ‘20 and lays out a depth chart for lunch.

cup, Wes, and Rush discuss the new feature in the Madden video game that lets you stalk recruits in the bathroom. This parallels to some old Aggie recruiting lore. A new Depth Chart segment is introduced in the lunch category. (link to Madden video)

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Lunch Depth Chart

Subcategory Wes Rush cup
Subcategory Wes Rush cup
On the go starter Chipotle local tacos Chick-fil-A
On the go backup Jersey Mikes H-E-B Starbucks
School cafeteria starter mini tacos enchiladas square pizza
School cafeteria backup quarter pounder square pizza hamburger
Catered work starter mediterranean Jason's Deli Jason's Deli
Catered work backup taco bar pizza pizza
Home cooking starter breakfast tacos tuna steaks grilled cheese
Home cooking backup sandwiches grilled cheese congee