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SEC MEDIA DAYS 2019: The Nick Saban/Sylvia Plath Quote BINGO Card

Saban ain’t quoted nobody. Or has he?

Hello and welcome to the most beautiful of all the summer hellscapes: legions of earnest football nerds descending upon a fancy hotel in Birmingham and all of them in their thousands live tweeting the exact same coaches’ speeches we’re all watching concurrently on TV. “Football is here,” we proclaim.

And since we decided to stay home and rested this year, we’re bringing you the FRESHEST and most niche-driven of memes and content. Your olde faithful website has provided a very special version of SEC MEDIA DAYS BINGO. Since Slyvia Plath has long been our platonic muse when dealing with Saban-induced paranoia, we’ve decided to honor her yet again this year.

Best of luck, or whatever.