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Texas A&M Will NEVER Play Texas Again

The proposal to bring back the game is dead in the water.

Texas v Texas A&M Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images

According to the Texas Tribune, House Bill 412 will never be responsible for the Aggies and Longhorns meeting on the football field. Lyle Larson, the San Antonio based representative who floated the bill that would force Texas A&M and Texas to play annually, clarified that he was just trying to kickstart a conversation instead of attempting any real progress. Since he is a politician, he is also claiming success for his failed bill. One thing is clear. These schools are never going to play a football game again until they do.

Speaking of politics, no matter your party bent, you must agree that this man should be commended. Look at the amount of eggs on his plate. There are ten yolks visible and possibly two or more concealed by the reporter’s arm and the chyron.

How many eggs would you eat in one sitting to have the Aggies and Longhorns play football again? Or if you are TexAgs subscriber, how many eggs would you eat in one sitting to prevent the game from being played?

Now that I’m grown, I eat five dozen eggs
Twitter: Bobby Lewis and Fox News