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Checking in with the folks in Baton Rouge

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Louisiana State vs Central Florida Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

HOWDY GANG. Hope the month of May is treating us all well. Spring Practices are pretty much in the books, so we got together with the fine folks over at And The Valley Shook to talk about how great our teams are! Big thanks to Billy Gomila for the exchange.


There are a lot of people high on the Tigers this spring. Is LSU really a top-five team? Is 2019 the year you finally unseat Alabama in the West?

I still think there’s a talent gap between Alabama and the rest of us, but this is probably the tightest its been in a few years. I’m not so sure this team is top-five ready yet, but it’s definitely set up to put together a damn strong season.

Joe Burrow has reached folk-hero status and revitalized your passing game. Is Coach O going to lean heavily on an aerial attack this season? Give us the offensive breakdown.

Honestly, I’m more interested in getting the running game back to what we’ve been used to under LSU. A big problem last year is the offense didn’t have that as the fall-back option. This year, with a more experienced line and an infusion of some big-time talent at the running back spot, Burrow should have that as a constraint to help open things up a bit for the receivers.

The defense lost some tremendous talent, most notably Greedy Williams and Devin White. Will they be able to replace that kind of productivity and leadership?

Productivity should be fine with guys like Grant Delpit, Michael Divinity, Jacob Phillips, Kristian Fulton, etc... back, plus a veteran defensive line. The leadership bit is the big question with replacing White. In addition to being the best linebacker in school history, he was clutch in so many big moments. That big-play aspect will be missed. The hope is that K’Lavon Chaisson’s return will make up some of that. He looked the part of a big-time pass-rush specialist before blowing his knee out last year.

And excited are you for the September 7th trip out in our direction? Please describe in great detail how your fans intend to invade Austin and how your team will annihilate Tom Herman’s squad. Thank you.

Sadly, I wonder how many will make the trip, given that Big-12 rules give us just a measly 3,500-ticket allotment (I believe Texas and y’all are responsible for that rule?). I’d love to make that trip because I’ve never been to Austin, but that isn’t in the cards for me.

As for the match-up, it should be huge just on the field, and then we have the Herman-Orgeron angle as well. Overall, I think I like it for the Tigers with what Texas has to replace on defense. I’m sure they’ll be tough to stop on offense but right now I think this sets up as a good match-up for LSU with what the Tigers have returning on the line of scrimmage.

If y’all want, we’re happy to relay a message. Maybe pick up a few things y’all left behind in the divorce. Arrange a little meet-up. I still think you two crazy kids can work this out.


NO, don’t do that! But tell us what they were wearing. Did they look good? Nevermind...

Thanks, Billy.