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27 College Station developments that offend our sensibilities

Track and Field: NCAA Indoor Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hello readers, I am back with another Daily Bull. You’ve probably been thinking of these fondly and longing for more since... 2016? Let’s dive right in, and I should tell you up front that I don’t have a list of 27 things in this post because headlines are meaningless with rare exceptions.

You, being Old Army-ish, presumably spent the best years, or at least some semi-decent years, of your life in College Station. Now you’ve returned to watch sports or see Arya Stark’s “catspaw” dagger at the Game of Thrones exhibit in Texas A&M’s Cushing Library. (That’s the good search engine bait right there.) If you’re like me and let all of your outrage at the modern world seep into things you enjoy like being an Aggie, you’ve undoubtedly been sickened by some of the real estate developments happening around Aggieland since u been gone.

I am here to drive reader engagement by asking you to share in the comments the single College Station development that offends your sensibilities more than any other. The more obscure and personal, the better. I’ll get one out of the way early here by saying the Aggie Hotel fills me with white-hot rage. Transforming the raw and nostalgic experience of Aggie Football into something clean, polished, and Disney is an affront to my existence.

So give us your retail and other business growth nightmares in the comments below. Starbucks in the libraries? Paid parking on REK and Lyle Lovett’s back porch? Luxury retail over international grad student housing?