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Shocking: Only 0.0012% Of All Aggies Are Actually Fortune 500 CEOs

Time to talk a little #BusinessClass

Boardoom Photo by Central Press/Getty Images

Texas A&M started out as a little old rural ag school in the middle of nowhere. Over the past century and a half, the school has grown steadily and outpaced the country bumpkin stereotypes. And now? Well, we proudly turn out as many CEOs as almost anyone, except for several other public universities, and a bunch of private ones.

Pretty big deal, right? That’s why we talk about it so much.

Wow, talk about a CEO factory! It’s like A&M’s just a conveyor belt churning out CEOs!

But as any CEO worth his or her salt knows, you’d better not be afraid to read the fine print. How significant is Texas A&M’s CEO output, really?

Whoa! That’s a lot of Aggies! A half-million former students is quite impressive. But...uh oh. That means that six Fortune 500 CEOs is just an astronomically small fraction of all Aggies. 0.0012% to be exact, although that’s sort of #OnBrand, give or take a few decimal places.

By comparison, The University of Wisconsin has 427,000 alumni, and 14 Fortune 500 CEOs. That’s 0.0033%, or nearly TRIPLE the ratio that A&M boasts. WE’RE GETTING DRAGGED BY A B1G SCHOOL.

So how do we fix this?

By doing what any self-respecting CEO does when confronted with not being perceived as the top dog: throw money at it until your image is fixed, paying little attention to the fact that it has virtually no impact on any other member of your organization. I have complete faith in the University’s public relations department and administration to handle this small bump on the road to CEO superiority.

Look for more CEO bragging in the years to come, folks. This race ain’t over yet.