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Aggie Hoops Early Offseason Roundup

Let’s clear up some personnel moves and also maybe the thing where a player allegedly received a boatload of money stuffed into a pair of shoes

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Y’all, I’m not going to tee up this first hoops news story, because nothing I say can improve upon the source material.

That sounds ominous, but here’s my actual analysis: An agent (allegedly) orchestrated a payment to Robert Williams which was (probably) egged on by an old A&M assistant sometime between Williams’ first and second season.

I haven’t seen anything from the national media that links this to disciplinary action against A&M, but the assistant coach (who is now at Kennesaw State) could be in trouble.

It’s worth noting that no one involved is still with the program, and it’s still just one witness testimony. But hot damn is that a hilarious story.

Current Roster Stuff

Savion Flagg declared for the NBA draft

The rule change from last year makes this a lower-impact item, as Flagg can return to school as long as he doesn’t hire an agent. It’s a common move these days, where fringe guys can get a legitimate look from NBA scouts and return to school to refine their game.

It’s almost not even news worthy… except the attached message looks a little formal. We’ve had guys do this before, and it’s rarely accompanied by this kind of “note to the fans.” It struck me as something that maybe wouldn’t happen if someone’s only two internal options were “return to A&M” and “play in the NBA.” I’m thinking he’s mulling over a third option, as well.

Brandon Mahan entered his name in the transfer portal

This one isn’t a surprise. Mahan never really landed here, and his effectiveness from beyond the arc never rose to a level that justified the shortcomings elsewhere in his game.

JC transfers are a little more risky, and it appears we may have lost on this one.

Recruiting Stuff

Speaking of numbers for next year, we have a couple of buns in the oven beyond that ridiculous evening where we grabbed four 2019-2020 guys in around two hours.

I think we’re out on all four of our original recruits

Savhir Wheeler looks like a 50/50 shot between Iowa State and Georgia, Chris Harris committed to Oklahoma State, and Kobe Brown and Tyreek Smith are mulling over multiple non-A&M offers. I think it’s safe to say the entire BK class has been fully cut loose.

The Kerry Blackshear drama continues

Blackshear, an All-ACC forward from Virginia Tech, is the best grad transfer on the market and an instant starter at literally any program in the country. We’re going to have to fight off some pretty serious names for this guy, but rumours abound that his relationship with Buzz has us in the hunt.

Additional incoming guys?

JUCO PG Cameron Mack and potential 2019 (currently 2020) 4-star PG Jalen Cone are the names I’ve heard that could fill the PG need left by Wheeler, and… that’s pretty much it.

Hopefully we can get some additional information soon, as it would be nice to have our roster locked down headed into the summer.

BTHO everyone