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Daily Bull 4.10.19: Charity Bowl 2019

Time to do some giving.

Dat Nguyen


Been a while since we had a plain old Daily Bull, but we’re here to discuss a couple of positive things:

  1. helping out a very good charity
  2. proving to the world that we can throw around money better than Texas

Let’s get to it!

If you’re not a regular EDSBS reader, each year they put together a Charity Bowl, wherein folks can donate to New American Pathways, a refugee aid service in Atlanta.

(Here’s a direct link to the donation page.)

You can have fun with it: donate the amount of a meaningful football score over a hated team {cough 74.72, cough}. Or make a flat donation. Do whatever you want, it’s all very appreciated and worthy. Best of all? BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS.

Michigan always wins this. But we can still beat out Texas, and since we’re no longer interested in playing them on the field, fiduciary bragging rights are all we have to measure our success by. Get to it, Football Businesspeople.

And thank you to this badass, whoever you are.

(Here’s that link one more time.)

Have a great one, all.