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How will Nick Starkel do at Arkansas?

The transfer QB has two seasons of eligibility left

NCAA Football: Northwestern State at Texas A&M Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Big news for fans of backup SEC quarterbacks everywhere yesterday:

Yes, Aggie gunslinger Nick Starkel has been unceremoniously coughed from the Transfer Portal, tumbling to a rest in Fayetteville in a giant tangle of arms and legs, where he’ll join SMU grad transfer Ben Hicks in Chad Morriss’ eclectic menagerie of quarterbacks.

Will Starkel find any success in Fayetteville? He’s got every chance to: he’s got all the skills, he’s tall enough, and he’s pretty familiar with the traditional punishments doled out by SEC West defenses. He doesn’t have facial hair or flaunt a headband as so many transfer QBs tend to do, but there is still plenty of time before kickoff.

He also joins a squad that has been completely hapless against the Aggies over the past seven seasons, so don’t be shocked if Arkansas uses this opportunity to notch an unlikely upset at Jerryworld. These things have a way of coming full circle. Eat at Arby’s.

Best of luck to Starkel in Fayetteville. Except on September 28th.