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Texas A&M’s Opener Against Texas State Moved to Thursday, August 29th

Per Texas A&M University Transportation Services

The Texas A&M University Aggies enter the field

Who loves Thursday night games? We all do. Just like last year, the season opener has been bumped back a couple of days:

Hope y’all don’t mind burning a couple extra days of vacation time if you’ve made plans to attend. Look at the bright side: now your Saturday is free to grow angry at College GameDay’s coverage of Urban Meyer, eat and drink far too much, and surreptitiously watch Louisiana Tech play Texas on an unsanctioned stream of the LHN. And remember: this was all done by the administration for the purity of the sport, not to maximize brand footprint or optimize revenue accruals or anything business decision-y like that.

The full release from the office of President Young can be read here: