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Mississippi State 80, Texas A&M 54

The grind of the last few shorthanded weeks was noticeable as Mississippi State ran riot in our season finale. The Aggies finish the year 14-18 (7-13).

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Mississippi State vs Texas A&M Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I could basically run back my recap from five days ago. I won’t… but I could.

The Aggies looked utterly overmatched tonight, and when we tried to find a spark when the game spiraled out of hand… we had nothin’. We were wiped. The past few weeks of basketball without TJ Starks finally caught up to our remaining starters.

We finished the year 7-13 in SEC play, which includes an 0-10 record against the top half of the conference. We were what we were.

Box Score

The Bulldogs Were A Cut Above

An ugly theme reared its’ head early, and it’s one that we unfortunately saw a few different times this season: Mississippi State was flat-out better. Across the board.

Their offensive sets cut through us at will, and their defensive pressure kept us well beyond the arc for large stretches of seemingly every possession. They were fresher, faster, and sharper.

Quite frankly, they were playing at a level that we never reached this season.

Halftime Score: Mississippi State 38, Texas A&M 23

We Finally Wore Down

I’m not going to hate on our second half effort - this was a squad that always played hard (if not well) in every game down the stretch, and the aggregate effect of the final month of the season finally took hold. We had been steadily increasing our minutes (and usage) for three guys: Flagg, Mitchell, and Chandler.

They finally wore down.

There’s not a ton to discuss here. The Bulldogs ran away.

Final Score: Mississippi State 80, Texas A&M 54

Overall Thoughts

This was an underwhelming end to an underwhelming season.

Typically, I’d sign off for the year in this section… but you guys aren’t rid of me quite yet. We’ve got coaching news to discuss, and we’ll find time to put a proper wrap on this season some time in the next couple of weeks as well.

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