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Ten Quarterbacks Slower than Texas A&M Center Erik McCoy


NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, all. You might’ve seen this all over the Internet, but Aggie Center Erik McCoy put up the fastest 40 time among offensive linemen this year:

This is an impressive stat. For some nonsensical comparative analysis, here are some famous QBs from the last couple decades or so that Erik is faster than:

10 NFL QBs Slower Than A&M Center Erik McCoy

2018: UCLA QB Josh Rosen (4.92). If we’d lined McCoy up at 3-technique back in 2017, maybe we could’ve managed to chase him down in the pocket during that epic comeback.

2015: FSU QB Jameis Winston (4.97).

2014: Alabama QB A.J. McCarron (4.94). ROLL TIDE.

2014: UCF QB Blake Bortles (4.93). That’s quite a class.

2013: Oklahoma QB Landry Jones (5.11). Well, yeah.

2009: USC QB Mark Sanchez (4.93). That’s not even including agility drills.

2008: Michigan QB Chad Henne (4.92). A Michigan Man relies on good blocking and fundamental 3-yard completions to tight ends.

2004: NC State QB Philip Rivers (5.08). This guy has children faster than he runs.

2004: Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen (5.28). To be fair, Jared was larger than most offensive linemen.

2000: Michigan QB Tom Brady (5.28). Never count him out.


2016: Texas A&M Punter Drew Kaser (4.95). OUCH.

(Courtesy Pro Football Reference)