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Bring Back the A&M-Texas Football Game So John Sharp Doesn’t Have To Write Op/Ed Pieces Anymore

Play the dang game

NCAA Football: Texas A&M-Jimbo Fisher Press Conference C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

Look, John Sharp is a very busy man. Chancelloring one of America’s largest Universities doesn’t magically happen itself. There’s all manner of obligations, including goodwill jet-setting with Rick Perry, contract negotiations, and even sweeping infrastructure expansion.

So he really shouldn’t have to waste his time having some student intern compile some boilerplate garbage about enrollment and student funding writing a heartfelt plea stating that the game should not return until Texas and A&M are funded equally, effectively attempting to hold the game hostage when one thing has no bearing upon the other. Sure, there is a funding discrepancy, but have you seen how much a taco brunch costs in Austin?

Also, nobody forced A&M to increase enrollment 6,000 percent a year, but with Texas’ numbers staying static, what else are you going to do in order to swing public opinion into thinking you’re the bigger, badder, shit-kickin’-est cowboys in the state? It’s not like there’s a football game through which to channel all that 100+ years of pent-up resentment and microaggressions.

Folks, John Sharp is a very busy man. And his attentions should be on spearheading Texas A&M’s endeavors around the world in this rapidly changing environment. Look at the article again: he can’t even talk about football for a few paragraphs without reverting back to budgetary concerns, legislative strategy, and reeling off numbers from the top of his razor-sharp brain. The man’s a walking cauldron of spreadsheets. Not a sports tactician.

Play the damn game again so he’ll have one less thing to use as a preamble to talk about money.