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Aggie Khris Middleton scores 20 in NBA All Star Game

Gig ‘em Khris

The Aggies may have come up a bit short against South Carolina on Saturday, but former Aggie basketball player Khris Middleton lit up the NBA All Star Game on Sunday night. Middleton, now a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, scored 20 points to go along with 5 rebounds and four assists. Unsurprisingly, 18 of Middleton’s 20 points came on three-pointers (he was 6-for-10).

Middleton is one of only three Texas A&M players on full-time NBA contracts (along with DeAndre Jordan and rookie Robert Williams), and joins Jordan as the only Texas A&M players to make the All Star Team. He is also the first player to start in the G League (the NBA’s developmental league) to become an All Star.